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Free for up to 300 emails per day. Store unlimited contacts.

Email marketing software to suit all budgets

Sendinblue’s email marketing software is free for up to 300 emails/day. Paid plans starting as low as $25 for 10,000 emails/month. No credit card, no commitment.

Our all-in-one marketing platform has all you need to scale a multi-channel strategy. Combine email with marketing automation, SMS, live chat, Facebooks ads, retargeting, and more for even bigger results.

Piani tariffari

Contatti illimitati compresi in tutti i piani


Per iniziare con Sendinblue


  • Contatti illimitati
  • Fino a 300 email al giorno


Ideale per i business in crescita

  • Tutte le funzionalità del Piano Gratuito, più:
  • Nessuna quota giornaliera d'invio
  • Assistenza via email
  • Opzione Lite+: test A/B, eliminazione del logo Sendinblue, statistiche avanzate


La soluzione migliore per un uso avanzato

  • Tutte le funzionalità del Piano Lite+, più:
  • Marketing Automation
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing page
  • Accesso multi-utente
  • Assistenza via telefono


Per i professionisti del marketing che vogliono di più

Esigenze specifiche?

  • Tutte le funzionalità del Piano Premium, più:
  • Volume di email personalizzato
  • Invio prioritario
  • 20+ landing page
  • 10+ utenti
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Account manager
  • Supporto prioritario
  • Altro...

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A robust email marketing software built for deliverability

ISPs like Gmail and Outlook aren’t designed for mass email sends. When sending bulk email campaigns or large volumes of transactional emails, you need to use a dedicated email marketing software, like Sendinblue, which actively monitors its email servers to ensure the best possible email deliverability.

Heavily protected sender reputations

Our rigorous anti-spam policy protects the sender reputation of our shared IP addresses – so our users don’t have to worry about deliverability issues. 

  • Validation process for new users to keep spammers out 
  • Only accept contact lists that are 100% opt-in
  • Hard bounce contacts are automatically sent to a contact blacklist

No emails in Junk Mail

Sendinblue has dedicated infrastructure and resources in place to make sure your emails are successfully delivered to contacts’ inboxes.

  • Actively managed SMTP servers
  • Dedicated IPs for high volume senders
  • A team of experienced email deliverability experts to resolve any deliverability issues

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Email marketing software that easily integrates with other systems

Sendinblue’s email API and selection of email plugins lets you access email functionalities directly through other platforms.

Email plugins for ecommerce platforms

Our emailing software has plugins available for the biggest ecommerce platforms: Shopware, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Wix, NopCommerce, etc.

  • Send transactional emails with our powerful SMTP service
  • Set up automated ecommerce emails (e.g. abandoned cart emails)
  • Synchronize your ecommerce email subscribers
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Send marketing emails through WordPress

Our WordPress email plugin brings the power of Sendinblue’s email marketing software directly to your website.

  • Create, manage, and send newsletters from WordPress
  • Customizable email signup forms for your site
  • Benefit from Sendinblue’s sender reputation for better email deliverability
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Built-in tools to help you comply with international anti-spam policies

Sendinblue’s email marketing software has a number of features to promote best practices to help you stay in line with data protection laws and anti-spam regulations like the GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act.

Customizable email signup forms

Create eye-catching signup forms to place on your website and share on social media.

  • Drag & Drop builder for signup forms
  • Multi-list subscription feature to sort contacts into different lists according to subscriber interests
  • Update Profile forms for subscribers to update email preferences

Easy-to-implement double opt-in confirmation

We recommend all users to send a double opt-in confirmation email. This acts as a proof of consent and avoids hard bounces due to misspelled email addresses. 

  • Send custom confirmation emails and welcome messages
  • Proof of consent record for each contact profile
  • Unsubscribe link in the footer of all emails

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Advanced analytics to guide your email marketing strategy

Advanced reporting features to set you up with the data and insights to consistently improve your email marketing campaigns.

Real-time statistics

Analyze campaign performance in real-time as it’s being sent out.

  • Live monitoring of key campaign metrics (all events: deliveries, clicks, bounces, in real time)
  • Clear and easy to digest data for rapid analysis
  • Understand areas of opportunity and identify any issues immediately (deliverability issues, low open rate)

A/B test your email subject lines and content

Find the approach that gets the best reaction out of your audience with Sendinblue’s A/B Testing feature for email subject lines and content. 

  • Experiment with different ideas and see what works best
  • Understand what generates engagement
  • Adjust your email strategy based on A/B results

Email marketing software with advanced email design features

Sendinblue’s email design toolbox has everything you need to create professional-looking emails. No graphic design skills required.

Drag & Drop email editor

Simply select the necessary content elements (headers, text boxes, images, etc.) and ‘drop’ them into the email body. 

  • A quick and intuitive email design process
  • Test how the email looks on different devices
  • Option to code emails from scratch using our HTML editor (if HTML is your thing!)

Email Template Gallery

Sendinblue’s free email marketing software gives you access to an extensive template gallery. 

  • 60+ templates ready for immediate use
  • Perfect for when you need to save time or get some inspiration
  • Cutomize to match your brand by using the Drag & Drop email editor

Responsive design emails

With Sendinblue your emails will automatically be mobile-friendly without any extra effort or coding on your part.

  • An email editor programmed to create responsive emails that automatically fit different screen sizes
  • Preview feature to test how an email renders on desktop, smartphone, and tablet
  • Emails that look great on all devices for a better subscriber experience

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